To ensure a smooth 'move in' experience, complete this form and give it to us at least THREE WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR MOVE. The details you give us will help us maintain our occupant database, in case we need to contact you during an emergency. Please be assured that any information you give us will remain confidential.

Completed form should be submitted 72 hours prior to the requested date and time.
All Move-in/Move-out will be permitted from 9:AM to 6:00 PM only.

Additional Comments/ Remarks

Please tell us if any of the occupants have special needs and may require assistance during emergencies or an evacuation:

(For example: physically challenged, long term illness, limited mobility, wheelchair bound, etc.)

Documents required for: ( Only PDF or IMAGE file types are allowed)

  • After the approval from the Management, the approved form to be printed and handed over to the security of the building along with the Security Deposit at the time of the Move In/ Move Out.
  • The Management and its staff will not be held responsible for any accident/injury that occurs on the premises.
  • The occupant and the moving company should undertake necessary safety precautions.
  • Landlord's, tenants and occupants are responsible for any damage caused to the common areas while moving In/out (either directly by them or their appointed moving company).
  • The Management will repair any damage caused to common areas during the Move In/ Move Out process and deduct the amount from the security deposit. However, if the cost exceeds the deposit amount then the balance to be paid by the resident/ owner. in case of non cooperation, the balance will be back charged to the unit service fees.
  • Moving companies are to provide identification copies of all their staff members that will be accessing the building. Also, adequate supervision during the moving in/out process needs to be provided.
  • Moving companies should abide by the access and security policies of the community at all times.
  • Areas must be cleaned after the move and the waste materials should not be disposed in the community's garbage rooms.
  • Penalties will be imposed in case of non-compliance with any of these rules.