Contractor's Information:
Permit to work in the following areas:

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Disclaimer: Contractor must take all necessary measures at their own cost to ensure the health and safety of their employees, others working on site, the general public and persons using or entering the site whether authorized or otherwise who may be affected by their activities. The granting of permit by KAIZEN shall not be construed as KAIZEN being responsible in any way, for any accident that may arise directly from the contractor's work activities.
This permit has been issued as per the Tenant's or Owner's request and does not involve the in any liability or responsiblility.

Terms and Conditions
  • I understand that structural alterations to the buildings are prohibited. No alterations will be made to the exterior appearance of the building, including the externanl doors and windows.
  • I confirm that we will not interfere with or in any way modify the fire detection and alarm system.
  • I confirm that the works will be carried out in accordance with best trade practice and that all appropriate statuatory health and safety controlls will be observed and practised.
  • I confirm to use all the necessary personal protective equipment with regard to work.
  • I agree that good housekeeping standards shall be maintained at all times.
  • Any change in scope of work of the circumstance detailed in this permit automatically revokes the permit.
  • I understand that rectification costs for all damages to the common area incurred while the work is being carried out (including the delivery of materials for the work) will be deducted from the Security Deposit.